Best Long Distance Friendship Lamps Reviews, Specs & Buyer’s Guide

In today’s busy life, everyone remains busy from dawn to dusk and cannot find enough time to stay connected with loved ones consistently. Social media overcomes this problem very much but if you have not time to use social media then what will you do. Then these Long Distance Friendship Lamps are a blessing for you. If bright lamp light is uncomfortable for you then these touch lamps provide the dim light and bright light as you need.

The most attractive feature is their WIFI enabled system that keeps in touch. On touching the top of the Touch lamp, it will glow the light in other friendship lamps that represent your love message over long distances. Mostly the Long Distance friendship lamps sold in pairs or groups. But you can also purchase an individual and add it to an existing group of Touch lamps. Keep it in the notice that both sending and receiving ones have the same lamps.

Best Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Here we provide you the list of best Long Distance friendship lamps. There is a variety of friendship Touch Lamps present in the market, so it is a difficult task to choose the best suitable lamp for yourself and your loved ones. We discuss the pros and cons of the lamps present on our list.

Long Distance Friendship Lamps List

RankLong Distance Friendship LampsPrice
1Elecstars Touch Lamp
2UNIFUN Touch Lamp
3AUKEY Touch Sensor Table Lamp
4FILIMIN Long Distance Touch Light
5KMASHI Touch Lamp
6ZHOPPY Night Light Touch Control Bedsite Lamp
7Kainuoa Touch Control Table Lamp
8YSD Touch Lamps

Elecstars Touch Lamp

If you are looking for a romantic friendship lamp, so this Elecstars touch lamp is made for you. This touch lamp provides the adjustable brightness modes. You need to just connect it to WIFI and touch it, your thousand miles away partner receive your love message. This lamp is also containing build-in Bluetooth speakers you can enjoy music on it. Another important point is its built-in digital clock. In addition to this, Elecstars touch lamp is your morning alarm clock also.


Honestly, this friendship lamp is an essential decoration gadget for your house. It is lightweight that you can carry where you want easily. Its working efficiency is very satisfying. The high-quality lithium battery is used in it for the power source. It works for up to 10 hours (depends on its brightness). Moreover, it is a multicolor attractive long-distance touch lamp.


  • Multicolor light brightness
  • The white color of the lamp body
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • The clock is present in it
  • ABS material and silicon is used in its manufacturing
  • High-quality Lithium battery
  • Long-distance working efficiency all over the world
  • Just need once to connect with WIFI
  • Very light in weight
  • Durable Lamp
  • Upton 10 Hours Working Time
  • Its Brightness is Adjustable
  • User Reviews are Satisfying
  • Attractive Design
  • Limited stock available
  • Plugin for charging is not available within box


There is no doubt, it is a long-lasting, high quality, attractive design best friendship lamp available in the market at affordable prices. This Elecstars touch lamp is our recommendation because of its features.

UNIFUN Touch Lamp

If you are looking for a dim night light lamp, then this long distance friendship lamp is the best option for you. The light of the UNIFUN touch lamp will not affect your eyesight. It provides adjustable and multicolor light for making your room more special. In addition to it, its anti-glare feature is its most important point. It provides an easy way to send messages to your beloved who are living miles away from yourself. This lamp is very attractive in look and available in beautiful multicolor. It will enhance the decor of your house or room to a high level.


The UNIFUN touch lamp provides multiple features. Most important is its anti-glare light. Its touch system is also important here to discuss you just need to touch its top for changing color or switch it on or off or adjust the brightness level. The weight of this Long Distance friendship lamp is just 8.8 ounces that you can carry it anywhere easily. Its 4.7 inches height is looking attractive. The USB charge cable is used to recharge its battery. If you purchase this amazing product from amazon the 12 months warranty and 30 Days money back policy is available for you.


  • Low in weight
  • High-quality ABS material is used in manufacturing
  • Provides RGB (red, green, blue) colors
  • Touch control system
  • High quality Lithium battery built-in
  • Light In Weight
  • Attractive Glowing Lights
  • Easy To Carry
  • One-Time Touch On/Off
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Stylish Design
  • Warranty And Money-Back Policy
  • Speakers On Available In It
  • Limited Available In Stock
  • Just Used To Send And Receive Love Message


If you are suffering from eyesight problems, then this UNIFUN touch lamp is the best available choice for you. It is one of the best long-distance lamps available in the market. Its multiple features make it more special.

AUKEY Touch Sensor Table Lamp

The AUKEY table lamp is a dimmable warm light lamp that came with many features that added it into the best long-distance lamps. Here we discuss some important points and review this long distance touch lamp in detail. Once you select color out of available, you can adjust its brightness also. For all control systems, there is a 360-degree control base is present from where you switch it on or off and chose color or adjust brightness. It is a portable attractive friendship lamp. AC adapter comes with the AUKEY table lamp for charging purposes.


This circular shape rechargeable lamp is a very good gift for your loved ones and this gadget is suitable for every place and every occasion. Its adaptable modes provide great relaxation and a cozy feel in the room. One can easily adjust its brightness from three levels which are high, medium, and low. This long-distance touch lamp provides the auto-cycle colorful display feature that gives a variety of multiple colors. You just select and pause your favorite color. Its 360-degree touch gives easy access to control the working of the lamp.


  • Just 1.6-pound lightweight lamp
  • ABS material is used in it
  • Body-color is white
  • 3.9×3.9×8.5 in dimension
  • Eco friendly
  • Long-Lasting, Durable Lamp
  • Easy Touch Control
  • Comes With A 2-Year Warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Best Decor Lamp
  • Gives Vibrant Mood-Enhancing Colors
  • The Slight Low-Quality Battery Used


This long-distance friendship is very attractive to look at and a necessary showpiece for your house. It will glow up your house with its enticing light feature. In short, this lamp has all the good qualities of today’s modern lamp. This lamp is our recommendation for a low budget.

FILIMIN Long Distance Touch Light

This Long Distance FILIMIN lamp is incredibly stylish and the best way to stay connected with other people as many as you want. Assign a unique color to every member in the group when they touch their lamp all connected friendship lamps in group light up with the same color, it is a cool feature. These 8 inches in height beautiful friendship light not only a source of connection with your long-distance relations, additionally this charming light lamp is necessary for every furnishing home.

Filmin Best Long distance Friendship Lamps

These Long Distance friendship lamps come in two colors, one is black and the other is frosted. But adaptable multiple color LED’s built inside. The most important point about this lamp is, it consumes only 3 watts of energy.


  • Lightweight lamp
  • Multicolor LED’s built-in
  • Two body colors are available, black and frosted
  • Made with high-quality Acrylic material
  • Attractive look
  • A Unique Wooden Like Design
  • LED Bulb
  • Long-Lasting, Durable Material
  • Nice Decoration Piece Also
  • Connected All Over the World With Other Lamps
  • This Lamp Is A Bit Costly As Compare To Others


After reviewing all pros and cons the FILIMIN is a good lamp for house decoration and for connection with your long-distance relationships. Overall discussion about this lamp is satisfying its only negative point is its bit high cost.

Best 3D Moon Lamps

KMASHI Moon Lamp

This is one of the best friendship lamps is the KMASHI touch lamp. This circular shape lamp is an outstanding lamp for your living room or house. The most important feature of this lamp is its high-quality battery. On one full recharge, it works up to 30 hours. Its smooth color changing pattern is also a very attractive feature. The USB port is built-in for charging purpose its charging purpose is very easy. For light LED bulbs used in it. Moreover, the KMASHI touch lamp gives multicolor light and its warm white light is very glorious in look.

KMASHI Moon Lamp

This rechargeable table lamp is very light in weight approximately 10.4 ounces. The price of the KMASHI lamp is affordable as compared to other touch lamps. It provides a very beautiful range of colors. Another amazing feature is its auto-cycle color changing pattern very useful feature if you want to change colors automatically. The touch sensor control system also built in to changing colors and adjust the brightness of your touch Lamp.


  • White body-color
  • Lightweight
  • Multicolor LED’s
  • Affordable Price
  • Autocycle color change
  • Long-Lasting Material
  • Stylish Look
  • Portable Lamp
  • Latest Technology
  • The Direction of Light Adjustable
  • For Shutting Down Hold Touch Sensor For 3 Sec


The dim light of this KMASHI Lamp is very relaxing and encourages your mood. Its affordable price is very low if we compare its qualities. It will beautify the environment with its multicolor lights changing feature. Its touch system is not very good but not very low in its price.

ZHOPPY Night Light Touch Control Bedsite Lamp

This long-distance lamp will be connected you with your loved ones in any part of the world. The ZHOPPY Night light touch lamp is a very good product available in the market with its top features. It will provide you all rainbow colors that look amazing. A very important feature is its touch control sensor provides you all access to it. You will easily change its color and adjust brightness. To turn it on and switch it off is very easy with its touch control. Another amazing feature is its high-quality built-in speakers.

ZHOPPY Best Long Distance Friendship Lamps Cheap

You can use the AUX Cable and Bluetooth option to attach your favorite music playlist with it. So, you can enjoy music and romantic lights at the same time. Moreover, this lightweight, durable lamp is used for indoor decoration as well as outdoor entertainment with the same efficiency level. Its high-quality plastic material makes it long-lasting and stylish It is one of the most noticeable points is its lithium battery keeps lamp light for a long duration while turns speakers on also. Its adjustable light feature calms you in sleeping hours and at high brightness, you can easily read novel or book, etc.


  • Body-color is white
  • Built-in speakers
  • Lightweight lamp
  • The high-quality plastic material used
  • Provides different colors
  • Bluetooth Enable Speakers
  • Portable Lamp
  • Top-Quality Material
  • Provides Touch Control Access
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Support Memory Card (TF Card)
  • Its Price Is A Little High As Compared To Other Lamps


This lamp holds multiple features. Its stylish look is attractive. This lamp is also used in outdoor activates like camping or hiking etc. In short, this long-distance lamp connects with your loved ones and décor your house plays music for you, so it is the best lamp for any person.

Kainuoa Touch Control Table Lamp

If you looking for the best friendship lamps then this Kainuoa touch control table lamp is a very good option available for you. Its unique design is attractive. You can easily connect with your loved ones using this long-distance lamp. It provides all facilities of a table lamp and provides a feature of Bluetooth connection. So, you can enjoy the music also.


This lamp provides three different light modes. This is a multifunctional gadget for lightning, listening to music, and build a connection with your long-distance relations. You can connect it with your phone’s Bluetooth easily and can enjoy your favorite music playlist. Its top-class feature is its long working time duration, this lamp can light up for more than 8 hours due to its high-quality lithium battery. And it provides touch control access to operate it efficiently.


  • Its weight is 9.6 ounces not very heavy
  • Lithium battery
  • Made with high quality plastic material
  • Built-in speakers
  • Touch control system
  • Stylish Design
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Adjustable Light
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Portable Structure
  • Good to Use For Anybody
  • Kept Away This Lamp From Any Liquid


In short, this is an amazing product with all features at affordable prices. Its touch control sensor is very good and efficient in working. This Kainuoa lamp is the best available option in the market.

YSD Touch Lamp

This is the last lamp on our list which we discuss briefly. The YSD touch lamps are highly attractive in looking and highly efficient in working. One of the most important features is its 360-degree touch, you can change its setting by just touching its surface.
Different colors are available red, white, pink, blue, and green you can choose the color of your lamp from the options menu.

With the help of dimming light quality, the user can easily adjust the brightness of the lamp according to his needs. Another important thing about this lamp is its high-quality battery. Once charged lamp can work more than 10 hours.

The USB port is built in this lamp so it can be easily charged just attaching the USB cable. Its light is very eye-friendly. This friendship lamp is a good choice for your furnished house. With its 360-degree touch panel control, it is very easy to operate you can easily switch it on or off and change colors as well as adjust brightness. Due to lightweight, it is easy to carry for outdoor activates. It is a very stylish lamp with good quality material. It is a long-lasting friendship lamp.


  • Wooden like color
  • Made with high-quality plastic material
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Built-in USB port for charging
  • Affordable price
  • Latest Touch Lamp
  • Adjust Brightness Easily
  • Best Portable Lamp
  • Easy to Operate
  • Touch Control System
  • Lightweight 6.4 Ounces
  • Limited In Stock


The YSD lamp is very popular in the market as a long-distance friendship lamp due to its qualities. This lamp provides all specs except speakers. With the help of this lamp, you can easily connect with your relatives anywhere in the world. This is a good lamp to buy as a friendship lamp.

Features of Friendship Lamps

These are following some features of long-distance friendship lamps

Long distance Relation

These lamps are best for long distance friendships and relationships. It helps the different users of these lamps to connect with each other. When one member of the group touches his lamps, all other lamps will glow up as a sign of someone missing you.

Easy to install

These above-mentioned friendship touch lamps are easy to install and maintain. You just need to turn it on and connected with your WIFI, on the successful connection you can use it easily anytime.

Affordable price

These Long distance friendship lamps are not very much expensive that you spend your whole salary or need to empty your wallet to purchase them. These long-distance lamps came with an affordable price structure. Although the prices of all the above-mentioned lamps are different, all are in budge access to everyone.

Multiple functions

These long-distance friendship lamps provide different multiple features. You can light up your room with different colored lights. It is another important feature is built-in speakers that gives nice music access. Mostly these friendship touch lamps came with a touch control system that provides the touch easy access on adjusting brightness, changing colors, and access to other features.

Buyer’s Guide

We are providing you complete detailed buyer guide that how to choose the best long-distance friendship lamp from the variety of lamps available in the market. Choosing the best long-distance lamps is not an easy task. We will guide you which features you have to consider before buying the best long-distance friendship lamp.

Here some are feature you should keep in notice.


The first most important feature keeps in the notice before buying the friendship lamp is its material. Because the lifetime and durability depend on material quality. We recommend buying that lamp which made with high quality ABS plastic material and silicon.

Easy Control System

The control system feature of lamps also not neglected when we want to buy the best long-distance lamps. Mostly the control system is touchable access. It is very easy to control friendship lamps by this feature. Some lamps provide a 360-degree touch control system, which is our favorite and recommendation.

Size of Lamps

We tried our best to guide you about the weight and size of different lamps. These qualities are different because of different manufacturers. Most importantly the choice of every buyer is also according to his mood. So, we provide the information about every important available touch lamp in the market according to its weights, length, size, and appearance.

Battery Capacity

The other most important feature you should consider is the battery. In some friendship lamps, high quality lithium battery is used. Some lamps provide more than 10 hours of working time some may work fewer hours. So, we collected all information about the battery and how it will charge and have shared it in the section of every lamp. So, buy a highly efficient working battery time duration lamp.

Editor’s Review

We guide you briefly to buy the best long-distance touch lamp available in the market. We provide you all the necessary information about these lamps. If you further want to ask a question or face any problem freely contact us in the comment section below. We try our best to provides the answer to your questions.

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